I continue to archive my many analogue recordings , an oblique clutter clearance of the many audio recordings I had taking up space. I thought i’d better do something with them whilst I still had working equipment to play them on and when finished (sometime in the next few years!!) I can then Freecycle the tapes and player if indeed anybody would want them. it’s surprising how well some recordings have stood up considering their age. The oldest are from when i was very young. My Dad bought one of those oblong box type tape cassette tape recorder/players with a small microphone on a stand. Being young we loved to just whitter away into this thing , interviewing my Grandmother and Grandad,parents and imaginary friends, pausing the tape occasionally only to quickly switch back to record again when the next random interview question would come to mind.The tell tale “thwip” noise between pauses adds a surreal element to the listening experience and I’m not sure if I’ll even edit them out. Other tapes contain my early music recording meanderings, art-tape cut-ups, whilst others just contain snapshots of various radio programs, some of which I may only be hearing for the first time.The majority of the tapes are on good quality tape so unlike some old open reel tapes that suffered print-through (a weird effect where the recordings from tape wound on a reel imprints onto the tape layer below it, sounding not unlike listening to two radio stations coming through at the same time which I guess in itself is a lost analogy for many who have never experienced AM or LW radio anomalies), most cassettes play very well apart from a few fragile C120’s.



  1. Hello. My name is Jim and I’m afraid you will never find budget-priced chromium dioxide cassette tapes at Wal-Mart or Kmart.

  2. Thanks for that!I’ll bear that in mind if any of these stores come to the UK. I think blank cassettes are still sold in a few places here though it’s been a long while since I used them for recording purposes.

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