I get a bit tired of rolling news but there is one good reason to watch BBC News 24…the theme!

Mr Bill Bailey explains it better than I could

And here’s the authentic, apocalyptic original…(Music by David Lowe)


2 thoughts on “AND NOW THE WEATHER…

  1. I have to agree with Mr Bailey: the CBS theme is about the worst of a generally sorry lot Stateside. There hasn’t been a television theme I actually enjoyed since the Home Box Office “HBO In Space” intro, and it goes back twenty years and more.

  2. My own fave TV themes through the years have not always coincided with programmes I would necessarily watch.Sometimes the opening titles were better than the prog itself.I remember the theme to the 70’s show “The Persuaders” being particularly good but I rarely stayed past the opening or closing credits.Other themes failed to match the programme content. It’s a delicate balancing act. i shall have to make my own TV theme faves list methinks.

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