Dominating British television and Brit hearts & minds throughout the 1970’s to the extent that for many people Christmas WAS Morecambe and Wise in that the highlight of the day would be watching the Morecambe and Wise Christmas special. Still remembered with great affection and often synonymous with a perceived “golden age” of television before multi channel commercialism diluted the experience and for many the standards were higher.

Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise were the iconic comedy partnership that many would still wish to emulate.The partnership ended in 1984 when Eric died of a heart attack just after coming offstage after sharing some personal memories with a live Audience.

The shows that everyone remembers are the BBC years that encompass the Christmas specials. Many famous guest stars appeared and some would forever be associated with the show despite the level of their own talents and achievements. One favourite example of a guest appearance and my all time favourite M&W moment is this one featuring Mr Andre (“Preview”) Previn

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  1. john j oliver says:

    Christmas was just not Christmas without Eric Morecambe and Earnie Wise. They made our Christmas, it bought the whole family together. Some memorable phrases from the show which still make me laugh today:-
    What do you think of the show so far?…Rubbish
    Previn: Your singing all the wrong notes
    Morecambe: No i’m playing all the right notes but not neccessarily in the right order
    How much does a Tea Earn?
    Short fat hairy legs
    You cant see the join
    All of these against one of the greatest straight men in the business name Ernie Wise. In my book Eric was the greatest comedian of all time.

  2. emalyse says:

    I know just what you mean. I only have to conjure them up in my mind and it’s like stepping into a happy place. My other fond memories include Eric Morecambe’s repeated “trick” of catching the nonexistant object in the paper bag (I never tired of it), Eric looking out of their apartment window to the sound of a police car siren passing by and saying ( after an appropriate comic pause) “He’ll never sell any ice-creams going at that rate”, and of course the silly dance that Eric & Ernie did at the end of the show after singing “Bring me sunshine”.

  3. Dixie Mix says:

    Reblogged this on Dixie Mix and commented:
    I love these two. They were and still are the absolute best. 😀

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