On top of everything else? With all his present problems, the last thing Paul McCartney wants is to find out that he’s actually dead (allegedly).This is an interesting lift from the tape archive again from 1985 as Joel Glazier walks us through his Paul is Dead theories. This conspiracy theory is not new but persisted since the mid to late 60’s. It’s of interest in so much as it shows how conspiracy theorists can present logical arguments for their theories though Mr Glazier presents this information largely for the light hearted interest of Beatles fans.



(900KB AAC+ music files. Plugin(Win) or compatible player required VLC(All)-Winamp(Win)-Quicktime and (bizarrely) i-Tunes will play file at half the audio bandwidth)

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  1. Hi emalyse,

    It’s amusing to recall that old controversy, records played backwards for clues and the rest…

    Good example really of the heightened pattern-making sensitivity of those prone to conspiracy theories. And how they can channel others’ perceptions who are not so prone.


  2. Hi Fencer
    I think the backwards audio is often akin to those recovered black box flight recorders which are often just a mess of noise (aside from the data) but if somebody tells you upfront what they “must” be saying before you hear it minus anybodies prompting then that’s it, that’s what you hear. Same as those EVP ghosts talking in whistling kettles and old tape recorders. They’re so incomprehensible that you really do have to be “told” what they’re saying.

  3. I was in the middle of all of this through my teen years.

    I am in awe of the career he’s had since that tragedy. Whatever exactly that ragedy was if indeed there was a tragedy.

    Could it be, as they were not able to overcome their artistic differences, this was an announcement of the group’s split?

    In any case, never believed it as the ‘clues’ were outlandish but, very much in line with their sense of humor.

  4. Hi Emalyse,

    The more ambiguous things are, whether white noise or chaotic events, the more they can be projected upon with whatever obsession is most compelling, it seems. But on the other hand, just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me!


  5. Hi Fencer
    EVP & white noise phenomena is a little unnerving.I’ve never tried it as I’d probably end up freaking myself out. I’d rather that household aplliances didn’t talk to me. Mind you, I’m hard of hearing so maybe they’re whispering like mad at me and I just can’t hear them (trying not to think about it).

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