Maggie Maggie Maggie – In In In?

ThatcherInevitably enough water has flowed under the bridge of time (eh?) for it to be time for a film about Margaret Thatcher. The planned film is to concentrate on the Falklands war crisis of 1982 up to the task force arriving at the Islands. The question on everyone’s lips is who would play her (dear lord not Helen bloody Mirren, please). Former Spitting Image Maggie impersonator Steve Nallon was asked this very question but couldn’t come up with a suitable candidate as “Bette Davies is dead” (would have been good!). At the moment the whole idea sounds a little opportunist with it being the 25th anniversary of The Falklands conflict this year. My own memory of the time from the aspect of a young Brit watching it all unfold was how uncomfortable I was with the jingoism that was whipped up, that consolidated Margaret Thatcher’s first term andThe Sun- Gotcha ensured her re-election. It’s hard to remember that the then leader of the opposition Labour party, Michael Foot, a life-long CND and anti war left wing politician and leader of a true left wing Labour party had controversially backed the prime minister’s decision to send the task force and okayed the prospect of war. The film is likely to portray a more human side to Maggie throughout the crisis itself. Seemingly Britain is beginning to feel slightly better about the Maggie years as a statue is back on the cards for London. The last time a statue was erected it was quickly defaced and a decapitation attempted leading to its removal. Time is a great healer.


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