UK Poverty increases – Government jubilant.

The UK government is congratulating itself today after figures released show that poverty levels in the UK have actually risen for the first time in 10 years. Government members are understandably delighted that they’ve finally managed to shift these figures upwards and coming so soon after the recent budget measures had ensured that the poor maintain their hard won place on the social ladder. It’s doubly gratifying for the government as Povertythese new figures put them on course to meet their own stringent poverty enablement targets which will put them well above previous pessimistic targets that would have seen the poverty figures depressingly drop by the year 2010 and which was precisely that which the government had previously forecast and feared. A government spokesperson said there was still much to be done as pensioner poverty levels had not risen despite their best efforts which would mean ensuring a doubling of efforts to make sure that Britain’s pensioners did not lose out on the opportunity to attain the level of poverty they deserve. Child poverty levels have stayed stable but the government admits there is much to be done to ensure that these figures continue to rise in line with targets.

To be classified as poor in Britain you must earn no more than £145 per week whilst couples with 2 children need to earn no more than £332 per week. Too many people earn above these figures and that is very worrying. In order to meet their ambitious redistribution of poverty targets the government had specifically included impressive provision in the recent budget to make sure that more people than ever easily attain the required income and meet the 2010 poverty targets. Good news for a change.

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One thought on “UK Poverty increases – Government jubilant.

  1. Hi e,

    Obviously, I hit the wrong key, so allow me to start over.

    Over here, we spend billions every year calculating all the factors that indicate poverty and population. Then we spend additional millions to manipulate the numbers to back out existing Federal aid, thus keeping the poverty figures on an upward trend. Y’all need to send some of your politicians over here to learn the latest propaganda techniques.

    the Grit

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