Sir Jimmy Savile -‘ow’s about that then?

One of the UK’s great eccentrics, Sir Jimmy Savile, pop guru, one time boxer, friend ofSir Jimmy Saville Louis Theroux, clunk-click-every-trip, this-is-the-age-of-the-train, charity fund raising, marathon running , style template for Ali G and incidentally all right by me type person is shortly to return to TV in a vehicle designed to revisit the many people wot he has fixed it for (in my best yodeling style Jimmy Savile bad impression “Sho-waddy-waddy- now then, now then, as it -‘appens”) and catches up with what they are doing now (yes it will include the cub scouts eating food on the big dipper). Sir Jimmy, as we know, is still Sir Jimmy. Still running and chomping on that cigar (did he ever smoke it? It could be that he’s only ever bought one cigar in his life as a prop). There is an amusing interview over at the Grauniad (bad spelling for the nation and its teachers). Sir Jimmy is now 80 but he doesn’t seem to know it.


UPDATE(Oct 2012): Obviously recent revelations have completely re-written the history books in how we will think of the late Jimmy Savile now. Here’s hoping the victims find a degree of closure and our society comes to terms with how easy it is for bad acts to flourish when so many feel unable to challenge those in positions of power and trust.

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7 thoughts on “Sir Jimmy Savile -‘ow’s about that then?

  1. My dad used to go running with Jimmy Savile. To my understanding, he’s a lovable fruitloop. When I get to 80, I want to be as odd as that.

  2. I guess I view him kindly. One of those TV faces that I grew up with, like Rolf Harris. I’m impressed that your Dad used to run with him. Nothing wrong with eccentricity. I’m a fruitloop now so if I live to that age I’m probably going to make Sir Jimmy look like John Major.

  3. Someone should do a sponsored Savileathon – keeping a sentence going without repeating too many Savileisms.

    “Now then, now then, ‘ow’s about that then, young man, young lady, eueueueueueueueu, I’ll turn it to Number 7, toothpaste, toothpaste, seo, seo, eueueueueueueueueu, Big Jim, Dignified Don, I will give you one point for the brackets, ‘ow’s about a bit of theme tune?”

    And so on!

    (Did Sir Jim get the OBE when the Queen said: “It’s Sir Jimmy Savile, Oh Bloody ‘Ell!”?

    Yes, I like Jimmy too. I think he’s a gentleman.

  4. Hi Sevile Orange- It’s amazing how far you can go just making Saville-esque noises without uttering a single intelligible word. Good to see a Saville yodel sound written down (I had wondered how to spell it exactly). So if Sir JS became PM would the Jim’ll fix it theme become the national anthem? I like the idea of A Saville-athon.

  5. Hi there, hope all`s well?? I use to see you `Years ago` at the bottom of Rainsough Brew with you on your bike just going over the River Irwell bridge, me, on my way home fromwork on a Sunday ( no buses ) you use to let on, you`ve probabley foregotten now? anyway long time ago, I still remember it though, I do hope your o.k. Bill.

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