These are the things I can do without

In the past 12 months or so we’ve got used to living without the following, not all by choice:

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A car – a complicated story in which repairs were needed, my brother took it on (unasked) and then we had a massive falling out. Effectively 5 months on it’s pending but I doubt we’ll ever see it again _ we’ve got used to being without it, hiring when needed.It’s slightly easier in that we don’t really need a car as much as other people who have a long way to travel to work etc but I would like a small moped which would be an economical way of making some appointments. I’ve got a bicycle but frankly the traffic out there is lethal and arriving somewhere red faced, windswept and glowing in a dripping with sweat way is not a practical solution for anything other than popping to the local shops. I’ve looked at electrically assisted bikes to cope with the hills but good ones are so expensive that a small petrol moped would be more practical and probably as green.


A washing machine – It died but we acquired a dishwasher that somebody said was semi working and we put that in the slot where the washing machine was. We don’t have any room for a new washing machine and have got used to popping down the launderette and bits of hand washing. We appreciate the dishwasher more and we’re not washing clothes every day as the launderette machine does more in half an hour than we’d get washed over several days.


Processed foods – This came out of following diets. First the Atkins and then the CSIRO which seemed the most sensible. From that I’ve tried to keep away from pre-packaged and heat-and-eat microwave style TV dinners so now try to make most things with unprocessed foods. This does NOT mean low fat necessarily, it just means a simple ingredients balanced diet.I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 14 (too long ago to count) so I’ve been meat free for a very long time.


Bread Maker – They make unsatisfactory loaves (and I always ended up slicing them into wedges from hell) and the dough mode takes forever and ours was too noisy anyway so I freecycled it. I now make bread rolls and baguettes almost every day by hand. It’s quicker, quieter and the results seem to be better (as I’m applying some skill to the process).


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4 thoughts on “These are the things I can do without

  1. Hi S,

    The least needed on your list is the bread machine. Fresh bread should always be made by hand. Not only is it better, but the kneading process is good exercise and has a certain therapeutic quality. Besides, I have two ovens, so, if needed, I can bake at least 8 loaves at once.

    the Grit

  2. Hi Grit (who’s “S”?)
    Well I certainly get better results and it’s a quicker process. Admittedly I don’t make loaves only rolls and baguettes but the results have got fairly good, especially the ciabatta. Just the one oven though it’s only really me that’s the bread obsessive.

  3. I used to own a car but I no longer do so. Tigger has never had one though she did run a scooter until it got smashed up. She promises/threatens to take me for a ride on one some fine day. Woo-ee.

    Not paying tax, insurance, repairs, parking fees, congestion charge, etc. is a cause for celebration. You can’t around our way anyhow.

    No washing machine. We make a monthly trek to the launderette.

    No dishwasher. Tigger cooks, I wash up. Housework? What’s that…?

    Public transport is so much fun… don’t you think? 🙂


  4. Public transport, fun?…hmmm- it’s not so bad on a local level but gets a bit daft once you need to go above 5 or 6 miles in terms of time and expense. When I was young (don’t start) they said we’d all have personal jet packs and hover boards by now so there are times when I’m a bit miffed at the mess of it all.

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