Tape Archive: Tribal Gathering 1997


Tribal Gathering 1997

More from the tape archives and an extract from a little ditty I heard played live 10 years (!!) ago by the godfathers of electronic music, Kraftwerk who were making their first appearance anywhere after a very long haitus at The Tribal Gathering in Luton (home of electronic music!!) which along with two other numbers never saw the light of day officially anywhere other than on the internet and rare bootlegs. The unreleased tunes are known to this day as either Untitled ,Tribal or less glamorously Luton. Kraftwerk would not tour extensively again until 2003 when they finally released new material (which wasn’t really that ground breaking) and that did not feature any of the tracks previewed in 1997. They are famously reclusive. Their recording studios in Germany are notorious for not being on the phone and being without a letter box. Whenever any new product is available somebody calls the record company on their behalf and arrangements are made to deliver the master tapes. In 2003 Kraftwerk live was an even odder experience than the experience I had in a cold tent just after midnight in 1997 as they no longer seem to play any keyboards live but just stand in front of laptops and on which they might tap once in a while.

It’s not the blue man group, honest.


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