Eurovision: Yay we nearly got nil points

Oh the shame of not getting nil points for the UK entry (at least lose with style). It was certainly going that way until Ireland threw the UK a bone and by doing so sacrificed themselves into last place.Eurovision

Despite the inordinate number of bitter Brits devoid of a sense of humour over on the Beeb’s have you say I enjoyed last nights Eurovision song contest. Yes the East Europeans dominated, yes there is political and cultural bias (oh look Cyprus gives top marks to Greece again) but that’s what makes it so amusing to watch and yes, sorry I do watch it and enjoy Terry Wogan’s wry comments. It’s childish and very much panders to the ‘Little Englander‘ mentality sometimes (which I ultimately hope I’m not)but it’s part of that Brit cynicism that I missed when I was in Australia (and even they show Eurovision but have only recently started taking the feed with Terry Wogan’s comments on it).

Mercifully Scooch, the Brit entry modified the cringing Union Jack finale to include all the flags of Europe but it was always doomed to fail. There were actually songs that I quite liked. The Georgian entry stood out for me as the singer sounded like she was shout-singing almost like a female Killing Joke tribute (anyone remember Killing Joke?).

What is it with the Russians and their proto-schoolgirl Lollita obsession? It was bad enough when they entered Tatu the other year (that sounds wrong). There’s certainly a lot more mock sexuality in the contest than in years of old with the winning Serbian entry flirting (?) with almost pseudo lesbian imagery (in an old fashioned butch-femme way) which bordered on a pastiche of prisoner cell block H (comments on the singers less than identikit female appearance were uncalled for though). That aside the Serbian winning entry was certainly a passionate and powerful song with a performance of striking (if not worrying) imagery.

The contest does reveal the changing nature of Europe and the rise of the eastern bloc countries in general. I find it hard to get bitter about that as I’ve never taken the contest very seriously though it must cost a packet to put on each year and I believe is propped up by funding from the European Broadcasting Union so some would argue that it’s a lot of money to to keep part funding a contest that most of the same EBU members will now either not qualify for or be roundly thrashed within the contest itself. That’s life eh.

So, like Christmas, Easter, last night of the proms and taking the cat to the vet, Eurovision is over for another year. To all the bad losers please just get over it, it’s just a bit of fluff (albeit a very expensive bit) . I’m up for another crash and burn next year as despite this it cheers me up no end.

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