Play On Mr Music-Lee Scratch Perry, Junior Murvin

One of the great unreleased dub reggae tracks. This never saw the light of day though some have tried to recreate the record based solely on this clip. Some say that this may only (!) have been quickly written for the visiting film crew (the lyrics could indicate that to be the truth). Either way I have often imagined in my mind what a full released version could have sounded like. Featuring the legendary Lee Scratch Perry At The Black Ark Studios, with Junior Murvin, The Uppsetters, The Heptones.

All on four track too.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Luis Azeredo says:

    Definetely! Maybe I will do it myself…I will let you know then…..GREAT TUNE!!!!!!!!

  2. phil says:

    listen to the version by the Mad lighters featuring RICO Rodriguez

  3. alper hussain says:

    new version of the dvd has the track in full 6mins 23 seconds

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