Nick Abbot And The Half Indian Gay Skateboarder

Help me but I was listening to the radio last night (LBC 97.3) and heard this animation mentioned and it’s better than I imagined. If you can get all the visual puns on the first watch then you are doing well (I’m not sure I’ve caught all of them myself). The animator called into the show to talk to the host about it. It’s criminal if this guy is really stuck doing corporate images for a chemical company. Nick Abbot may feel that his handling of the call may not have been his finest moment but he does make me laugh. The images just heighten the sheer ridiculous nature of the call.

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2 thoughts on “Nick Abbot And The Half Indian Gay Skateboarder

  1. I heard the young woman’s call, not when it was first made but when it was recently replayed. She sounded very naive and immature to me but perhaps that’s because I am old and tetchy and see hypocrisy rather than kindliness in the attitudes of the royal family.

    The strip didn’t enthrall me particularly but perhaps that’s because I am not very art-oriented. As for the day job done by the author, I imagine it’s better that he does actually have a job instead of languishing on the edge of starvation in a garret. Perhaps his new found fame will give him a leg up.

  2. Hi SilverTiger-I didn’t hear the original call but the caller managed to push a few of NA’s buttons which commonly seems to be young people and their culture in general whom he no longer relates to and the the pro-royalty line that had somehow reared its head throughout the call. The curiously telling British thing about the exchange was that despite the caller’s stated multiple minority status (frequently defined), it was all undermined by the caller’s cut glass accent so I guess it was just a class clash in the end(as class and privilage in Britain still overules everything else) .Sorry you didn’t get anything from the animation skills. I loved the visual puns. Hardly high art I know but then again I have a lot of low art in my soul.

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