Tape Archive: Conversations With Bowie 1979

More unearthings from the old cassette archive as it gets slowly digitised. Here’s one for Bowie appreciative’s such as myself. The cassette played as if it was recorded yesterday albeit complete with the usual FM interference and other analogue anomalies.

This was broadcast on Capital radio in the London area on May 14th 1979. Some competition winners got to interview Bowie and for the second half of the programme (in which I had tape problems and which I may try to rescue at a later date) was a track by track talk through of the then new album Lodger.The then Capital radio ‘serious rock’ DJ back then was (little) Nicky Horne who now hangs out on Planet Rock and who was previously on ClassicFM.

All files are dial-up friendly AAC+* and sizes range from 300-700Kb.








(AAC+ music files. Plugin(Win) or compatible player required – Songbird (All) VLC(All)-Winamp(Win)-Quicktime and (bizarrely) i-Tunes will play file at half the audio bandwidth and in mono only)

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4 thoughts on “Tape Archive: Conversations With Bowie 1979

  1. Brilliant stuff emalyse. Do you remember another series Capital did where he played some of his favourite records for 2 hours? I’d love to hear that again. His was the first, I believe. Others by Ian Dury and Jimmy Pursey were also very interesting…

    Thanks for posting that up btw.


  2. Hi Robert -I think you may mean ‘star sound’ which was a BBC thing Bowie did in 1979 (though he did appear many times on capital for interviews). I have a few other capital interviews circa 77-79 in which Bowie takes calls on the phone (good fun) and the star sound 2 hour record playing special thing in which Bowie sounds a bit more subdued (as it’s just him).That series did have a different artist every week playing their personal choices so not sure if this is the same series you’re thinking of. I’ll have to get round to placing these somewhere.

  3. hello. thanks for posting this – just found it this morning and really enjoyed it.
    i don’t suppose you had any luck with the second half, did you, where bowie talks about LODGER? would love to hear it…

  4. Hi TJ- I do have the Lodger walk through that follows this though it’s a slightly faulty recording due to a tape capstan error (it sort of varispeeds). I’m trying to digitise several other Bowie interviews and hopefully with a bit of digital magic I might be able to correct most of that 2nd hour which is still complete bar a around 5 minutes or so.

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