Apple Safari Web Browser For Windows

SafariOK, this is pretty weird. Apple makes its Safari web browser available for Windows following on from iTunes for Windows. An interesting decision considering how far firefox has eaten into the established Internet Explorer market. Competition’s a good thing but the market is already quite crowded and it’s hard to know what Safari for windows is offering as distinct from IE or Firefox or even Opera. If it’s got speed and no memory leaks (hello firefox!!) then it could gain some traction. I guess windows users can only download and see for themselves (though it would seem that the real reason for Safari on Windows might be as a tie-in for the upcoming iPhone).

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2 thoughts on “Apple Safari Web Browser For Windows

  1. I agree that competition is usually a Good Thing, especially when the market is dominated by a small number of big names.

    For Windows users, the browser market is dominated by IE, Firefox and Opera. Another entrant into the market that can actually compete with these might shake things up nicely.

    On the other hand, when a new product does appear, I have to admit that my attitude is likely to be one of weary resignation rather than of happy anticipation. Perhaps my capacity for excitement has been dulled by years of tracking developments in the email client market.

    There is no perfect email client or browser. They all have good points, bad points and missing features. Choosing one is less a case of finding one perfectly adapted to your needs than of finding the one you can just about live with. This means that when a new one appears, you want to try it but are put off by the knowledge that once again it will fail to come up to your expectations and that a long period of possibly frustrating trial usage lies ahead before you finally give up and go back to the devil you know.

    It will interesting to see whether Safari can corner a significant fraction of the market (as opposed to remaining a niche product for Apple fans who also have to use PCs sometimes) and if so, how it does it.

  2. Hello SilverT- i’ll admit that I’m a long time Mac user but don’t really use Safari though it’s a very good browser. I guess I use firefox for the many useful add ons. As I say it may be that Safari for Windows is primarily a tie-in for the upcoming iPhone and may be necessary to sync some off-line content and bookmarks etc. I always tend to think that the majority of windows users just use what ships with the product and hence IE still dominates despite a reasonable bite into it’s dominance by firefox.
    Interesting move though.

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