Tape Archive:Godley And Creme Interview 1985 Part 1

Godley & Creme Interview Part 1

This interview was to promote History Mix Vol.1 in which Godley & Creme basically rework old 10ccGodley & Creme hits and various Godley & Creme sounds via the Art Of Noise’s J.J. Jeczalik and the Fairlight sampler as a means of them celebrating 25 years of making music together. By this time though the pair were heavily involved in making music video.

The record itself sounds somewhat dated and slightly more an Art Of Noise member offshoot than a Godley & Creme album though the only new song of the time, Cry was included on it. The album finally surfaced again on iTunes a while ago with a few extras. Even forgotten bits of Consequences get mangled through the sampler as it must have felt at the time that the future of pop music was sampler shaped.

Low bandwidth *AAC+ alternative (1.2Mb) : Godley & Creme Interview Part 1

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(*AAC+ audio files require this Plugin(Win) or a compatible player such as Songbird (Win,Mac,Linux), VLC(Win,Mac,Linux)or Winamp(Win) however Quicktime and i-Tunes will play file at half the audio bandwidth and in mono only)

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