Digital TV? Grrrrrrr!!!

Digital TV?I got a phone call today from a retired friend who was worried that he needed to buy a ‘digital TV’ due to the impending switch off of analogue TV over the next few years (a friend of a friend said he’d have to throw his telly away!). It really gets to me that so called public information films are unwittingly perpetuating this myth. If you’ve got already got a freeview box, cable TV or SKY then you’ve already got a ‘digital TV’ so just stop worrying and stop listening to the FUD.

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6 thoughts on “Digital TV? Grrrrrrr!!!

  1. Hi Em,

    You can also buy a converter for $30-$50 US. Our Government is also planning to subsidize this cost to the small number of people who will need them.

    the Grit

  2. Hello Grit-that’s basically what freeview is here(around 80% of us have Freeview now)-we all have different systems around the world.We have freeview with around 30 channels incl radio on it that you receive via your aerial. Australia have a similar system with much less channels but space for HD etc.A ‘Digital TV’ (a daft term)would just be an ordinary TV with one of these decoder boxes in it.Cable and satellite do a similar thing only they cost so much a month.

  3. Hi Em,

    Ah, how can we be so different? We completely separate our radio and broadcast TV. Also, outside the huge cities, one is lucky to get 5-6 TV channels without turning to cable or satellite. Last I saw a report, over half the country uses those services, which aren’t all that expensive here. Unless you were saying that 80% of your population owns a TV, in which case, something like 300% of ours does 🙂 For instance, my basic cable (who has time to watch that many movies?) costs $24 per month, for which I get 40 something channels, many of which often have programs worth watching 🙂 This is about what we pay for our land line telephone, and around half what we spend on our cell phones. Of course, we don’t have to pay an annual fee to the Government for the privilege of owning each TV set. I love this cultural exchange stuff!

    the Grit

  4. Hello Grit -Yes ,the same but different. Freeview is digital encoded TV-just buy a box which these days costs from around 20 quid upwards and approx 30 TV and radio channels come to you free. Obviously we still have the TV license fee (which incidentally NONE of the license fee goes to government at all, it all goes straight to the BBC and touches no government department, which is to pay for public service TV, radio and internet) but i’ll take that over the Rupert Murdoch model any day for which you pay a monthly fee and STILL gets adverts (whaaaat??).I lived in Australia and the advert rate is similar to America, it just becomes unwatchable unless you record everything and skip the ads-they have no license fee and their telly is dire-give me a funding option without a license that still gives me advert free TV and I’ll happily consider it. Cable and satellite services cost money per month. Freesat is/will be a free satellite service which extends the freeview principle and coverage. Of those of us that own a TV set, 80% of those now own a freeview box and thus can receive TV digitally. The rest either use cable, satelite or still have the basic 5 analogue channels only.
    Digital radio is a separate issue. DAB (digital radio)has been quite succesful also though many freeview, cable, and sat viewers also have access to digital radio channels as well as via the internet.
    They start to turn off the analogue channels from next year, region by region with full shutdown of analogue by 2012.

  5. Better still, why not throw away the TV and have done with it? We did and I still don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything.

    I think if someone produced statistics showing how many person-hours were spent watching TV in the UK it would be a horrifyingly huge number.

    The number of programmes actually worth watching is so tiny that you can afford to buy (or borrow these from the public library) on DVD.

  6. I’m not a big TV watcher but if you cherry pick there’s some reasonable stuff on there. I’m not a big DVD watcher and not everything makes it onto DVD (I like arts, documentaries,music, channel 4 news etc ). I could happily give up TV if forced but like now I’m OD-ing on Glastonbury footage whilst doing other things and though it would be nice to be up to my middle in mud and 250 quid out of pocket (same thing for the proms), I’ll take the license fee and cherry pick the best of the TV instead thanks.

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