Tape Archive: XTC Interview 1984 Part1

XTC Interview 1984 Part 1

Andy PartridgeEssentially this is an Andy Partridge Interview as spokesperson for XTC on an occaision when he was a co host on the same programme. Some interesting comments around Andy’s lack of enthusiasm for touring and talk around pre release previews of tracks from The Big Express album that would be released later that year. I can’t detect any criticisms from Andy of their then record label , Virgin though the parting of the ways was in sight.

Low bandwidth *AAC+ alternative version(1Mb):XTC Interview Part 1

(*AAC+ audio files require this Plugin(Win) or a compatible player such as Songbird (Win,Mac,Linux), VLC(Win,Mac,Linux)or Winamp(Win) however Quicktime and i-Tunes will play file at half the audio bandwidth and in mono only)

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  1. Can’t say how the ‘parting of the ways’ was in sight at the time of the Big Express. There’s another 3 Virgin albums over what amounts to the best part of another decade after this, so I’d argue at this point ‘the end’ was still a considerable way off…

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