UK Man 94 Lives On A Diet Of Fish And Chips

I just love stories like this. The exception that breaks the health rule or just proves that what is healthy eating depends entirely on the genetic make up of the individual…

Albert StokesAlbert Stokes (great name), 94 has ignored doctors orders (you know what’s coming) by eating fish and chips twice a day for the last 25 years (pause while we take in that fact).

The Ex lion tamer (too good!) has eaten around 18,000 haddock and a million chips from his local fish and chip shop which lies just 100 yards from his home (wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just buy the fish and chip shop?).

Albert tucks into his staple diet with either a pint of Guinness or a cup of tea and still weighs only 10 stone. He was the chip shop’s first customer when it opened 25 years ago and his custom is appreciated (I should hope so too) and he is rewarded with free fish and chips every Friday.

Albert says he got a taste for fish and chips in his years on the road with the circus and potatoes were part of his specialised act that involved cutting a potato on his wife’s head with a sword (trying not to visualise that one. Is this whilst lion taming?).

Doctors have advised Albert that his health could suffer if he does not adopt a more balanced diet.


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2 thoughts on “UK Man 94 Lives On A Diet Of Fish And Chips

  1. I have heard that potatoes contain a lot or possibly all of the nutrients we need though the fat and the batter are presumably not too good for you in large quantities. Maybe Mr Stokes is exceptionally active and burns off the fat or could it be that the Guinness also helps: doctors often advise people to drink Guinness after operations or when in need of boosting the body’s iron reserves.

    Either way, you have to admire a man who knows what he likes and sticks with it. Personally, I would get fed up with eating the same thing after a few months, never mind 25 years.

    I have to admit that Tigger and I do sometimes go to the local chippy for supper which we consume on the premises while chatting to the amiable pair of brothers who run the place. The all-day vegetarian breakfast and a mug of black tea… mmm, my mouth is watering!

  2. Hello SilverTiger. He does seem to be doing well on the diet. As you say, I think I’d get a bit sick of that frequency of consumption. Maybe the secret is the Guinness being akin to the glass of red wine in terms of health properties.Who knows? He does walk everyday too and not just to the chip shop and home again. We don’t have a local place to eat out which would be nice sometimes though we do have a fish and chip shop with an eat in section which is open from 11am till late though the prices are a bit astronomical these days. Your all-day veggie breakfast sounds tempting.

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