Tape Archive: Waltzer? 1985

Waltzer by Morgen Blaster(?)

A curiosity that I can’t find any information about. Part of the recent 1985 batch of tapes this would appear to be one that fell through the cracks at the time but I thought it was curious enough to give it an airing in case anybody had any further information.

Low bandwidth *AAC+ alternative version(668Kb): Morgen Blaster

With thanks to Jenny Morris (see comments below) for telling us about the emergence of an official video for this enigmatic piece of music. Amazing to see this after all this time. Would still love to know more about the artist.



4 thoughts on “Tape Archive: Waltzer? 1985

  1. Once every two years (or something like that) I open Google and type The Waltzer Morgen Blaster, hoping that perhaps finally the clip they aired on Music Box will pop up.
    As far as I know it’s The Waltzer by Morgen Blaster. I absolutely love this track and I just don’t understand why ‘nobody’ has ever heard of it. There simply is nothing to be found about the song or the artist. Very strange.

  2. Hi, this is Walter Morris’s daughters Jenny and Maisie, it was his song, there is a video for it on vimeo,
    He recently passed away, it means a lot that you guys appreciate his song,

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