Tape Archive: Kenneth Pitt Interview 1985 (Bowie)


Ken Pitt Interview 1985 Pitt report

Ken Pitt was David Bowie’s manager in the very early years and in 1985 he wrote a book called Bowie:The Pitt Report. This interview involves everybody’s favourite(!) rent-a-gob Paul Morley as interrogator whom we hear slagging off Thomas Dolby just before commencing the interview. Anyway for Bowie completists and the mildly interested alike here it is.

Low bandwidth *AAC+ alternative (1.4Mb): Ken Pitt Interview 1985

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mp3 space by kind permission of nyquil.org

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. cliff taylor says:

    I have a signed copy of the book well done Ken its a great read

  2. chris says:

    Bowie always maintained that Ken Pitt was helpful in his career to a point and that he was a likeable fellow. Its a shame this interveiw is marred by Morley’s smarmy smart arsed approach but its the 80s and he was starting off so I suppose you have to excuse it.

    1. Em² says:

      Must we? Good use of the term ‘smarmy arsed’ there. 😉

  3. Ian says:

    Ken Pitt wrote a very accurate account of a period in the Bowie legacy befitting a part in the recent V&A archive, thank god all the little details have been included, instead of the usual twaddle and celebrity gossip written about this genius of our time, he was a major part of the formative years of Bowie and a generous man well educated and thank God he wrote the Pitt Report, one of the top five Bowie books of all time, in my opinion the best.

    Ian Robinson, Bowie fan since 1972. And a fan of, Billy Holiday, Elvis, Carouso, Brel, Scott Walker, The Smiths, Japan, etc all I Love. X

  4. Ian says:

    I love wine also, watching Omnibus on Bowie the best TV since Starman on T.O.T.P’s 1972
    Love early 1960’s Bowie like the Toy album remakes, Life on Mars? My fav 45 single after watching Blue Peter, all those years ago,

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