Tape Archive: David Bowie Interview 1980


Ashes To AshesThis interview took place in New York on December 7th 1980 which is the day before John Lennon was shot dead and the same interviewer, Andy Peebles had already interviewed Lennon the previous day and would obviously soon become the last person to have interviewed Lennon. Bowie’s one time collaboration with Lennon on Fame is discussed during this interview which takes place during Bowie’s run of acting as The Elephant Man on Broadway. He has some disparaging remarks regarding any prospect of live concert touring and yet within 3 years he would launch into such a world tour. Discussion often centres around Bowie’s then recent Scary Monsters album.

This is the first recording I’ve placed here to come from an original AM/MW source and runs for nearly half an hour.

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  1. HARRY S says:

    I was in the studio as 2nd engineer when this was recorded in NYC and woke up the 2nd day after to news John Lennon was gone. This news was so much more shocking for me because of everything Bowie shared about his and Lennon’s life in New York which I had been thinking about the day after the interview. There is a lot more that Bowie shared about Lennon that isn’t in this version (unless my memory is wrong after all these years).
    Thanks for posting this interview. Really enjoyed it.

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