Video Archive: The The-This is the Day (Live) 1983

This track from The The has received a bit of attention in the past few months as seemingly a version has been used as backing for a commercial for M&M’s in the States (advertisers have the innate ability to ruin anything don’t they). One of the more bizarre comments left for this video on You Tube was ‘ I was also really disappointed that it was from some 80’s-90’s band, I still like it though ‘.

Does it matter when a song is from in order to like it? Or was it that this person got excited that it might be from new band they could get into only to find that they had been and gone before they were born?

I don’t remember thinking like that when I was a tweenager . Obviously there were people who were current that I was into and I always had a thing about my parents generation’s music getting shoved down my throat on the radio but I’m not sure that ruled out liking ‘a golden oldie’ or an overlooked record from a previous time should one happen to strike a musical chord with me.

Anyway kids this one’s technically an oldie even if your parents may never even have heard it at the time. I’m off to polish me zimmer frame and have a nice cup of ovaltine.

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