Video Archive: Art Of Noise Live 1985

A rare live performance of the ZTT incarnation of The Art Of Noise on The Tube in 1985. Sampling was becoming big but hardly affordable and the Art of Noise had a Fairlight each. The Newcastle audience look suitably unimpressed. Paul Morley, who together with Trevor Horn was a member of the Art Of Noise an proprietor of ZTT, takes part as a virtual leader singer via the scrolling titles.

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4 thoughts on “Video Archive: Art Of Noise Live 1985

  1. Hello BB- I think The Tube audience were reasonably hard to please and at the time it must have seemed, from their vantage point like a bunch of daft people in masks standing around quite a lot of expensive recording equipment (fairlights 20k a piece at that time) rather than a live performance as such (all that rock guitar, drums and posing ego stuff). Makes me smile to see it too.Tra-la-la.

  2. Oh I absolutely *loved* that. How much has changed in 22 years? More gyrating, I guess, but the computers are still making most of the music… just not sitting on stage while they do it!

  3. Hello James -In retrospect it looks like only Ann Dudley really contributes anything truly live but it does make me smile that in order to make that ‘noise’ they had to employ quite so many Fairlights and lexicon reverbs on stage. Was that really needed or just done to give the cameras something to focus on rather than a bunch of studio goons in masks?(or just a typically 80’s flaunting of money thing?) Like you say, what’s changed since then? Well most home computers could probably now do more than a bunch of fairlights though I’m not sure that so many are having as much fun using the technology. I remember Paul ‘rent-a-mouth’ Morley describing the then Art Of Noise as ‘the basic modern band’ (which seemed a little elitist at the time considering the cost of the equipment back then). There’s a short intro piece that goes with this that I may post sometime.

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