Hopkins To Unveil Tommy Cooper Statue

A new 9ft high bronze statue of the late British comedian Tommy Cooper is to be unveiled in the anarchicTommy Cooper Smiles magicians place of birth, Caerphilly in Wales. The organisers had asked the renowned Welsh actor Sir Anthony Hopkins to send some suitable words for the occasion knowing that he has been a lifelong Tommy Cooper fan who became patron of the Tommy Cooper Society last year and who often drops into a very passable Cooper impression at the drop of a hat (probably Tommy’s trademark fez).

Instead Sir Anthony indicated that he would be delighted to unveil the statue in person. The statue completion and unveiling is likely to coincide with the actor’s 70th birthday for which Sir Anthony had already talked of holding a celebration in his own birthplace Port Talbot.

Update: The unveiling happened on  23/2/08 and yes Sir Anthony did his best TC impressions.

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2 thoughts on “Hopkins To Unveil Tommy Cooper Statue

  1. Tommy Cooper rocked just the same as Benny Hill, very few of todays comedians get it right like those two did, shame really, sometimes a little light-hearted nonsense is much better for the smile reflex than the political BS and oneupmanship shock stuff that is all to prevalent these days, don’t get me wrong I like Carlos Mencia for his no-bull tell it how it is, and complete contempt for all the races starting with his own, but Tommy and Benny had it all a different way, although I will admit that Benny was pushing the sensors at every opportunity, it was really all good clean fun.

    As an aside I was watching that fateful day when Tommy came on stage and was about to open when he started clutching the curtains, such a shame, I always smile when I think about Tommy Cooper, Funny Dude.

  2. Hello p38813s (catchy name), thanks for your comment. Tommy was just a naturally funny man and didn’t even have to say anything to make people laugh. Benny Hill could be a very clever writer but fell out of fashion due to the perceived sexism and his shows over reliance on that aspect though his depiction of women is very end of the pier seaside stuff compared to what can be seen in many pop videos now.Benny’s stuff has dated whereas Tommy’s comedy seems almost timeless and exists outside of any topical references. Modern PC comedy has its place (Bill Hicks was probably the finest exponent of the dark side of comedy that ‘makes a point’) but it shouldn’t negate all that has gone before or make us less able to appreciate it.

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