Tevion Internet Radio On Offer (UK)


Internet Radio and media player

Connects to Internet via WiFi, computer not required

On special at Aldi (UK) for Thurday 16th for £64.99

(now listed in Aldi’s support section post Aug 16)

I’m a bit(!) of an avid listener to radio from around the world so this seems quite a good price for an Internet radio (or are they getting cheaper at last?).

Update: Pinnacle soundbridge now under £40 

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14 thoughts on “Tevion Internet Radio On Offer (UK)

  1. Woo – type “Tevion Internet Radio” into google, and your blog post is number one!

    Saw one today, but resisted the temptation to buy one after a little thought (we’ve got the Mac in the kitchen, Sky in the lounge, DAB in the bedroom and too much water splashing around the bathroom for anything to be safe!)… if I could plonk batteries in it and carry it around the house, then it would be a more attractive proposition.

    That said, the large pile of them in the Aldi at Hatters Way (there must’ve been 30something) and the constant desire for new tech keeps the temptation rumbling on… £65.. it’s only 20 pints of rather unpleasant lager..
    Stuff(Em) Replied: Blimey, another hit for the occaisional techie post. I was almost tempted as I’m a big Internet radio listener and not a cable or sky (get away from me Murdoch) subscriber and hardly enamoured with DAB. A little lower price wise and I’d be tempted meself.

  2. Price now fallen to £49.99 – at least at Aldi’s Rugby Central Park site.

    Was tempted at this price and bought one this Monday.

    Only (rather major!) quibble I have so far is my discovery that ‘Internet Radio does not currently support WPA2 encryption’.

    That is a real pain – its taken me months to get my wireless up and running on this standard – worst part was getting wireless printer be recognised by my network.

    And now I need to change encryption and start all over again! Or just use it as an expensive FM receiver – that works ok!

  3. Hi Pinza,

    I was interested to read your comments about The Tevion Internet Radio & Media Player on the Stuff-Em-Up Website.

    Although it does not work with WPA2 encryption, could you let me know if it will work with WPA encryption?


  4. I got one of these yesterday from ALDI and I am quite impressed with it. Few niggles setting it up. It just does not want to authenticate using WEP. Turned off all security and it worked great. Selected “Upgrade Firmware” on the radio and 5 mins later I was using it with WPA (WEP still didnt work).

    The radio listed 8100 stations. So far I have listenned to 2 of them. Sound quality is suprisingly good.

    Only gripe so far is with Windows file sharing. When you point it at a windows share it does a deep scan of all the MP3s in that share and builds a database of track / artist. I have over 40’000 files in that share and got bored waiting for it.

    The unit is also a lot smaller than I expected. It has headphone out on the back but no lineout.

  5. Thanks ‘HelpingHand’!

    Spent the weekend following up these links and trying to get my Tevion Internet Radio to work.

    Initial problem was that my wireless network is WPA2 – not supported ‘out of the box’. However the lastest firmware version does – but you need to get connected first in order to get the radio working to update the firmware…

    ‘Downgraded’ from WPA2 to WPA (with TKIP) – all looked good – recognised my SSIP and entered my key – then ‘timed out’.

    Then, scarily, removed all security but it only found a neighbour’s unsecured network – but still didn’t connect. Then reset my security settings to WPA again and turned off my router’s firewall and checked that essential ports were available. No joy. Reset the radio to ‘factory settings’ and tried everything again – wouldn’t even see my SSID this time (although laptop and wireless printer could).

    Have had some absolute bargains from Aldi in the past – especially a PDA/GPS unit three years ago.

    Sadly, I had to admit defeat on getting this item to work (despite much effort and research!).

    Took it back to my local store this evening for a complete refund – no hassle!

    My first ‘poor’ purchase from Aldi – but can’t complain at their returns policy.

    Have now ordered a Revo Blik instead – although its not in stock until the end of the month (hopefully) and also appears not to support WPA2 either – my original moan on the the Tevion!

    Will report back on how I get on with replacement!

  6. Just a quick PS

    After my disappointment with my Tevion radio, I took delivery last night of a brand new Revo Blik.

    Had grief with the courier company who couldn’t find my house so had to drive to Coventry to pick it up in person (unit had come down from Scotland overnight).

    Unit comes with a separate PSU (Power Supply Unit) which has the options of adding a UK 3 pin adapter or European 2 pin adapter.

    Struggled to add the UK 3 pin adapter. Plugged it in – unit dead as a dodo!

    Tidied up the packaging before going to bed and found a tiny slip of paper with the warning words: “Do not slide connector plug into PSU from the wrong position. This will result in damage to the PSU’s connector pins”.

    Not particularly helpfull – no real indication as to what the correct way is to attack UK adapter! Used a pair of scissors to ‘tweak’ the adaptor pins out.

    Plugged back in – and 100% success ever since!

    Really impressed.

    Unit found my SSID immediately. It then asked for my WPA passphrase. This was a bit fiddly – but only has to be done once!

    I have only tried the basic features so far – but works to perfection! Currently listening to tomorrow morning’s traffic news for Sydney in an audio quality not far behind ‘Sally Traffic’ on BBC Radio 2 telling me that the M6 is slow southbound from Jn 10A etc.

    Just tried the play ‘On Demand’ service that certain channels (including the BBC) offer.

    Have just listend todays ‘Morning Service’ – as previously broadcast on Radio 4 long wave this morning. Not the programme I intended listening to, but just experimenting at this stage!

    The ‘Blik’ can also connect to my Mp3 player and stream audio files from my laptop. These facilties haven’t been played with yet…

    Initial experience has been great. Look forward to experimenting further over the weekend!

    Happy to report back further – but have wandered from the original thread of the Tevion unit!


    • Hi Philip-I think it depends on your Internet connection, model of Internet radio and type of stream (real audio, WMA,ogg,AAC etc). Where we live Internet radio is more reliable than FM or DAB. All depends I suppose.

    • I believe it’s a 9v power supply which are widely available (Amazon,Maplin etc). Might be worth getting a multi adapter if you’re unsure of the power adapter plug (at the radio side)size required.

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