Whitegoods Heaven 1972

Spin dryerIf you’re happy an you know it , clap your hands. Yes we’ve joined the late 20th century with the addition of a spin dryer (Oooh it’s sooooo 1972). Ever since the space where our long deceased washing machine once sat was taken up by something more useful we found (OK I found as it’s me that usually does the washing) that it was less hassle to use a launderette we’ve been getting by with hand washing and occasional launderette trips (I am the bag lady). Now,praise be, we have a spin dryer, and soon we’ll have a manual clothes washing thing (no it’s not a tin tub). Ah down shifting in the computer age. Still the electricity bill is down so maybe the ‘keep it simple, stupid’ maxim pays off. Sadly no wind up computers as yet (though I hear that sugar and methanol fuel cells are nigh).

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