Living In A Travelodge for 22 Years

I was intrigued by a news item on the Beeb news site about a now elderly couple who have been living in a Travelodge motel for the past 22 years. Because one of them needs easy disabled access the Travelodge on the A1 fits the bill better than their own 1st floor flat in Sheffield.

By booking well in advance they pay £90 a week to stay there (£360 a month). It depends where you live but rent at that kind of price went the way of the pear around these parts some time ago.

I was intrigued too because thinking about it the couple would have few bills to pay. Electricity, heating, TV,water and cleaning would all be included and they would, I presume, be exempt from council tax also. If you are able to live in a single room like this then it almost sounds affordable compared to the rising costs of alternatives.

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4 thoughts on “Living In A Travelodge for 22 Years

  1. I caught the end of this one on News 24 (just before you-know-who was due on) and also thought it was a smart move on their part. Although, as you say, living in a small room like that does mean you can’t have too many possessions – and it makes you wonder what they do about their meals.

  2. Though they don’t usually advertise the fact, many hotels will offer a weekly rate if asked. I believe it used to be quite thing a couple of generations ago for solitary gentlefolk or those returning from a lifetime working in the colonial service overseas (remember the Major and the two sisters in Fawlty Towers?).

    As you rightly say, the cost is mitigated by being inclusive of other bills that householders have to pay such as electricity or the char lady.

    In some ways it is quite a pleasant existence (I have grown fond of several of the hotel rooms we have stayed in) as long as you can do without your own furniture and furnishings around you.

    Food might be an issue, as Kirsty points out, but as you get older you tend to eat less and be less fussy. In towns there are cheap cafes and sandwich bars and you could always picnic discreetly in your room, taking care to remove the evidence when you go out.

  3. I think this particular couple mostly ate in the Happy Chef next door (I think there is usually a 20% off voucher for that in the Hotel room every day). I imagine that the cost of living savings would help towards affording a life of eating out (no washing up ever, hurray) though I’d want as balanced a diet as possible.
    I imagine, SilverTiger, that there’s a very technical and politically correct job title for the modern equivalent of ‘Char lady’-Lol.

  4. I imagine, SilverTiger, that there’s a very technical and politically correct job title for the modern equivalent of ‘Char lady’-Lol.

    No doubt. Probably a mealy-mouthed euphemism from the makers of “differently abled” (for “disabled”) and “senior citizens” (for “old people”).

    To anyone who remembers with affection the catch-phrase “Can I do you now, sir?” from Tommy Handley’s I.T.M.A., “charlady” is a term of affectionate respect, not of prejudice.

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