Blue Monday Owners Club

New Order-Blue MondayI was interested to read that the artist Spencer Graham is looking for owners of New Order’s Blue Monday 12″ Vinyl record the iconic 1983 article that allegedly cost more to produce than what it was originally sold for due to the design famously fashioned like a large floppy disc of the time (oooh when floppy discs were actually floppy). Sadly I think I sold my near perfect original on eBay many years ago. Those of us that still own a beloved copy can send a hi-res photo of themselves with said vinyl article which will form the basis of an ongoing artwork, possible exhibition and book.

The Blue Monday Owners Club

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2 thoughts on “Blue Monday Owners Club

  1. Hi James- at least it’s a record that many people would be happy to be seen photographed with. Can’t think the same would happen with an Emerson Lake and Palmer (or Emerson Lake and Parker as John Peel used to call them) triple gatefold indulgence. I never understood quite why it cost them so much to make though. I watched a recent documentary on Factory records and they clearly had no idea what they were doing. A real pain to keep a black cover like that free from grubby fingerprints but I guess it’s a testament to great design that few of these ever ended up in charity shops.

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