Open The Door And Let ‘Em In

The BBC are still copping flack over their BBC iPlayer software and its lack of platform neutrality. If only the BBC had kept its ear to the ground it would know that web applications and open standards are being picked by many large computing companies as a way of making their software available to the largest number of potential users from home computer users, to mobile phones, set top boxes and games machines.

iPhone TouchElectronic arts are calling for an open gaming platform standard, Adobe have declared that all of their software applications will be web based within 10 years and Apple and Nokia , amongst others are calling for third party web application developers to write applications suited to their mobile products whilst MySpace looks to including web applications in a similar ‘walled garden’ way to Facebook.

There’s quite a sea change going on but web applications and open standards are needed to achieve the goal of ubiquitous computing. Mobile Internet use is increasing and writing software that can be used across a variety of devices has great appeal both for software writers and consumers.

I would expect a little kicking and screaming along the way though both by some established software players and maybe even a few consumers.

Photo by Vince Brown (Attila) under this creative commons license

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