Bomb Proof Uber Bin


Following the fatal explosion by the IRA at Victoria station in London in 1991 which saw a bomb placed in a concourse litter bin a radical rethink of the security headache of bins saw many of them simply removed and unavailable on most London underground stations.

Terrorism And The Humble Bin 
Bring this up to date and terrorism is still with us(and probably will remain so for some time to come). Enter this bin from Renew Solution which was tested in the New Mexico desert to contain a bomb explosion. The plastic surround is made from recycled materials and has an embedded LCD screen on which news, weather and advertising can be show (ah advertising).

£18,000 ‘Recycling Unit’
The bin itself costs £15,000 to make and £3,000 to install so local authorities, tube stations and airports may not initially be rushing to install these things so the company has proposed giving them to London authorities and recouping costs through sponsorship.

The bin or ‘recycling unit’ as the company prefers to call it can hold an average household sized bin and in the event of terrorist attacks (which presumably the bin survives) the screen can switch to public service information and directions should such an event occur within its vicinity.


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4 thoughts on “Bomb Proof Uber Bin

  1. Although this sounds like a practical solution and also a smart move by the maker to offer them for free I couldn’t help but think:

    The message that shows on the bin after a bomb attack would be something along the lines of:

    I’ve just been bombed get the F**K out of here and stop reading inanimate objects you fool!


    Run Run for your lives terrorists have attacked me!

    and lastly

    Help me you B*****ds somebody just tried to blow me up!

    Maybe I’ve been watching to much animatrix!

    But on a serious note, us londoners have been through this bombing malarky for so long that with the addition of these, people will hardly notice if the bomb goes off inside and if they do and it did will we evan make for the exit? I mean disaster prevented is there a need to worry?

    I know not very helpful thoughts but this is what I deal with in my noggin on a daily basis!
    Stuff(em) Replied: There is a dark humoured & ludicrous side to the whole thing as you amusingly point out. I’ve got used the the lack of bins on the underground but I await the first sighting of one of these tech-tank bins.Thanks for your comment btw, always welcome.

  2. A cheaper solution is already in place on many stations: a clear plastic bag whose contents are visible.

    As the Madrid and London Underground bombings showed, there is no easy fix. Take away litter bins and the terrorists will place their bombs somewhere else. They are spoilt for choice.

    There is of course a crucial difference between the IRA bombers (whose activities prompted the removal of bins in London) and present-day bombers: the former placed their bombs somewhere and scarpered whereas the latter carry the bombs with them and blow themselves up. Their rucksack is their litter bin, so to speak. Unless you can persuade them to buy bomb-proof rucksacks, the idea is a failure.

  3. Fair point SilverTiger, the game is a lot different now, the enemy is willing to die for their cause, not so with the IRA(who by the way actually made phone calls to tell you there was a bomb) although they were willing to die for their cause, they weren’t about to go throwing their lives away needlessly, the new enemy has a different value system for sure, they truly don’t care about who they kill.

    But having grown up in the 70’s and 80’s I don’t sweat the stuff I can’t control, if it happens it happens, I can’t stop it and I can’t change it once it does, so I get on with it and enjoy my life as it has been served me, which so far has been pretty good I think, and with any luck will continue to be so.

  4. I would say that getting on with enjoying life is what we should do. To live in fear is giving in to the terrorist.

    That is not to say that we should not take simple precautions though I agree that you cannot prepare for the unknown.

    Whenever people are injured and killed in a terrorist atrocity, this of course attracts maximum media coverage and this brings it to the front of our mind but the fact remains that you are far more likely to be injured or killed in a road accident than by a terrorist bomb. Yet we do not go around with the same superstitious dread of being knocked down as we do of being blown up by a bomb.

    I think we should try to treat the two risks with the same degree of realism: watch out when crossing the road and watch out for people wire wires dangling from their rucksacks but don’t get obsessive about it.

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