Nylon Tea Bags

Nylon TeaThe sudden greater availability of nylon tea bags, bucking the trend for eco friendly produce and pandering to lazy tea drinkers with money to burn is the triumph of marketing over common sense it would seem.

Originally a Japanese idea which was offered with herbal teas (which normally have that all natural image) has been extended to ordinary tea as a way of getting the leaf tea taste in a convenient bag large enough to accommodate the full leaf rather than the ‘dust’ that usually is put in paper based tea bags. The manufacturers reason that only nylon is tough enough to contain the sharp paper tearing (eh?) full leaf pieces but all this convenience comes at a great cost which sees a four times increase in cost per tea bag.

They further claim that the nylon bags remove that ‘paper taste’ experienced with tea bags though do not comment on the potential health consequences of brewing your tea with nylon rather than using leaf tea on its own and a tea strainer.

Both Asda (owned by Walmart) with their extra special range tea and Sainsburys with a range of herbal tea products have introduced the non biodegradable nylon tea bags into their offerings.

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3 thoughts on “Nylon Tea Bags

  1. I am not sure to what extent conventional tea bags give the tea a taste of paper but I do find that tea bags make a less pleasant cup of tea than loose leaves properly brewed.

    The tea bags we bought from Betjeman and Barton in Paris are in cloth bags, not nylon or paper. This company seems to be an upmarket French Whittards (I don’t like Whittards as their tea is almost tasteless for some reason). The tea is quite pleasant but ça ne casse pas des briques, as the French might say.

    The rise to prominence of the tea bag (ridiculed as an American eccentricity when I was a child) is a cause for regret especially as there are now plenty of teapots and other devices readily available for making proper loose-leaf tea and for disposing of the used leaves cleanly afterwards.

    This supports what might well be a 5-word motto for this country (something you raise in another post), namely “We are such lazy slobs”.

  2. I love the Nylon tea bags. When you remove the bag from your cup of hot water, and set it aside, the bag dries out so fast you can actually use it again and get a good second cup, if you haven’t any extra bags on hand.

  3. I love the way the nylon bags never break down and just stay in my compost heap as a reminder of my and the rest of humanity’s idiocy.

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