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In the diminishing return on satisfaction that is British television I have enjoyed two programmes lately, both of which were dramas and both were UK made.

David thewlisThe first was the return of Jimmy McGovern’s well observed and well written  The Street, a gritty and moving drama about the various characters and interwoven lives of people on a fictional street. The first of the new series featured David Thewlis and a better episode guide than I could muddle together is here.

The realisation scene in which Joe decides to assume his dieing brother’s identity to escape the struggle of his own life was the best visual realisation moment I’ve seen since the infamous Roy Schneider on the beach moment in Jaws. I look forward to watching the rest of series two.

The other was only last night and was a one off drama called The Learners with the current Dr Who David Tennent and Jessica Hynes (formerly Jessica Stevenson) who also wrote the drama about a woman struggling the learn to drive whilst struggling with being a downtrodden wife of limited financial means who develops a crush on her driving instructor.

I like a well made human drama. I used to be a big soap watcher but one day I just stopped. This sort of drama is, though, in a different league and these two examples  of well made, well written drama do television credit and prove that there is life and a small oasis of quality in an ageing media platform that many claim has lost its way.

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