Date With A Sharp Knife

I finally have some news re my impending NHS date with a selection of surgical knives, antibiotics, major surgery and if I’m really (un)lucky, MRSA. It could be next week or it might be the week after, I’m waiting to hear.mummy

I have to travel about 60 miles away which will be fun without a car and no idea of how long I’ll be in or when I get to leave again. This will only be my second time in hospital for anything remotely serious and last time it was closer to home but I still had to make my way home on the tube where I looked enough of a bloody wreck to experience whole tube carriages backing away from me when I clambered on board.Bandaging the majority of my head with blood stains down each side and blood red eyes (due to my eyelids being accidentally taped open by an open windows) did kind of make me look like some Egyptian Mummy come Zombie.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to the experience but I’ve got to believe that it’ll be for the greater good despite the risks, short term pain (lots of it) and temporary disablement.

So either way it looks like I’ll be offline for a bit soon. I have a handful of posts that will be timed to go up during the time I’m in hospital and maybe, if I’m compus mentis I’ll send the odd update from my phone to twitter (though I wouldn’t bank on that outside of “Yep that hurt” or “what’s my name?”).


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