Xubuntu Terminal Fault Workaround

xubuntuI’ve been loading Xubuntu onto some computers for donation purposes and have found that there’s a fairly serious fault that occurs. It looks like it’s an xorg error dependent on your graphics card configuration. Choosing the terminal from accessories logs you out of the desktop (the xserver crashes?). The workaround solution is to login to a fail-safe terminal session and edit the xorg.conf file to reduce the colour resolution down to 16 bits .

I admit I actually installed Aterm and logged into that to do the xorg editing.Ok so computers donated are less likely to be used by those who’d use the terminal but it’s a fairly serious error and lots of on-line help often resorts to using it so it’d be a bad first impression for newbies. Sorry this will mean little to anybody unless they’re using Xubuntu but thought I’d mention it. It seems you could just install the Gnome terminal too as the fault just affects the xfce terminal.


Yeah, I know, blah blah technical stuff. 

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