Video Archive: Art Of Noise TOTP 1984

This Top Of The Pops Close to the edit appearance came later than the appearance on The Tube but presented the same problem for ZTT in how do you present visually an essentially faceless group. Paul Morley had originally wanted AON to be represented on TOTP purely by string puppets but that idea was soon dismissed as the practicalities of promoting a rising chart entry over rode Morley’s more esoteric ideas.

Whilst early music paper promotions for AON had only featured masked individuals, hammers and spanners the TOTP appearance would be the least anonymous of the ZTT period AON.

Within months the pressure would grow to perform live and a lack of consultation and appropriate rehearsal time would see the core members seen here leave the ZTT stable to seek a more conventional pop career with China records, a subsidiary of Chrysalis.

J.J. Jeczalik, seen here in the mirror glasses is now director of strategic ICT at John Mason School, Abingdon, UK. Gary Langan continues to produce and engineer records and was last involved in Jeff Wayne’s extravagant staging of his War Of The Worlds album Whilst Anne Dudley continues her work as composer and arranger for many music and film recordings.

Art Of Noise Live

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