Now Where Was I?

I’m finally back in the land of the unliving following yesterday’s ‘will they-won’t they’ eventual release from my time in hospital. Thanks to those who left messages of support and who have continued to contribute to past and scheduled blog posts that went up whilst I was confined to a hospital bed.

It’s going to take a while to recover fully and I will have to arrange myself a slightly more horizontal friendly setup for future blog posting (hey, it’s cathartic and part of the recovery process) for a while but despite the surgery, the copious drugs regime, the pain killers (never thought I’d be happy to have a shot of morphine quite so much) ,the good but questionable dietary benefits of hospital food (“want some more cake?”) and the elderly woman on my ward with sudden onset dementia who kept repeatedly invading my room in a confused state thinking it was hers (not fun when you’re immobile and goes on all night) it’s been a positive experience (not least the NHS tea drinking schedule which for me mostly went like this – sleep-tea-sleep-tea – and repeat. No really, the first cuppa of the dayHospital was 6:30am with the last available at 10:30 pm).

My thanks to all who have supported me through this experience and especially the people who work long hours in the NHS.

Speak again soon. Best wishes to all.


3 thoughts on “Now Where Was I?

  1. Good to hear your back with the rest of us zombies.

    I must admit I’ve never known why so many people drink tea, disgusting stuff, prefer a cup coffee myself, laced with lots of sugar though, although you can’t beat a good white lager……. hmmmm I miss my local back in london, good beer fast pool tables and lots of friendly banter…..

    Hope you get back to feeling your old self soon.


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