The Natural High Pill

Nature Medicine‘Experts’ from Yale university say that ‘joggers high’ will eventually be available in tablet form. The beneficial effects of exercise will likely be made available via  popping a pill that will target a specific gene in the brain.

The write up in the journal Nature Medicine says that their research may lead to more effective drugs in future. The original research looks at the link between changing the actual structure of brain cells and enabling the lifting of  depression.

By targeting an area of the brain called the hippocampus and a gene called VGF it has been possible to facilitate the lifting of depressive states of mind.The claim is that possible VGF ‘exercise’ related drugs could become more effective than current anti- depressants. Exercise is often recommended for sufferers of depression.


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One thought on “The Natural High Pill

  1. Easier just to go for a run really. Running does it for me every time. I swear by it. I feel happy for hours after running. Only sex comes close to that! Ooops I shouldn’t say that really – I’m sure I should put sex first, shouldn’t I?
    Stuff (Em) Replied: Hi oh reluctant one-I think I’m wired up the wrong way round as I’ve never experienced a high after running (my mood dips after so go figure).I’m a bit calmer after a long walk (I can walk for miles). I wouldn’t worry about what order you rank personal highs (stuff how we ‘should’ feel-that’s all peer pressure stuff).I guess a pill that can induce a ‘natural high’ might help those in the depths of depression to lift themselves up enough to facilitate them helping themselves (many would find it hard to go running when really depressed). I those cases anything is worth trying.

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