Stockhausen Leaves Us With His Influence

StockhausenKarlheinz Stockhausen, German pioneer of avante garde ‘difficult music’ has died aged 79 and can be easily credited with a long line of influence that extends into classical and avante garde music, the art of sound recording via his experiments with Musique concrète and extending into influencing many of the early pioneers of electronic music and its influence within popular music.
He was always a controversial figure. When Stockhausen emerged in the 1950s many American avante garde composers would decide to take music in a different direction very precisely opposed to the aesthetics that Stockhausen was bringing to the experimental music arena, Philip Glass certainly being on record as not wanting to be aligned with this particular branch of musical experimentation.

Such was Stockhausen’s influence and stature that he was featured on the Beatles Sgt Pepper’s lonely hearts club band album cover, Frank Zappa cited him as an influence whilst founding members of ‘Krautrock’ group Can, Holgar Czukay and Irmin Schmidt studied under Stockhausen along with the original Kraftwerk.

His influence is enormous and his body of work will no doubt divide critics and listeners alike for many years to come.

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