BBC ADHD News Bulletin

The reason why it was commissioned is simple: audience research revealed that while BBC News remainsBBc 8pm News extremely popular, it could do more to attract younger audiences and what the Americans call “blue collar workers”. We discovered many people in these groups found traditional news programmes didn’t speak to them and would prefer a different approach…It won’t ignore the key stories of the day, but will tell them in an accessible way.’

The BBC Editors blog on the accusations of ‘dumbing down’ by the addition of the new BBC 8pm 90 second news bulletin aimed primarily at ‘the young’ and their supposed short attention span (the new bulletin being a full 30 seconds longer than the one employed on the BBC’s youth-orientated digital Channel BBC3).

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3 thoughts on “BBC ADHD News Bulletin

  1. hi Em

    Sorry I haven’t been around recently, I completely missed that you weren’t well! Although I have been thinking of you, not that that’s probably any consolation…

    Anyway, much grovelling. I’m very glad that you’re back, and wish you all the best in your recovery – sending virtual hugs to you both (I bet your partner needs some too, I would!)

    (the other) Em x

  2. Oh, and I suspect the reason why the young have a short attention span is because “they” keep feeding them programmes with shorter and shorter cuts…. with no thought spared for the poor subtitlers!

  3. Hi (the other) Em- The fast cut ‘yoof’ TV format seems to have nowhere to go but down.Subtitlers will just be adding keywords only soon. And we thought it was all so cutting edge way back when Network 7 came on the scene circa late 80’s(Janet Street Porter, you have a lot to answer for).

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