Thameslink Moves On

With the recent refurbishment of London’s St Pancras train station (which I still miss- pronounce as St Pancreas to this day) sees the closure of Kings Cross Thameslink forever and the creation of yet another ghost station which first came to be in 1863. A new station below St Pancras will hopefully be more fit for purpose.

I spent many a late night waiting for a train connection on the impossibly narrow Kings Kings Cross ThameslinkCross Thameslink platform after walking the long passenger tunnel to the platforms themselves (the one they later painted the words ‘smile’ on to cheer the trudging pedestrians up).

Back when I used to go to concerts at The Royal Festival Hall Thameslink was a temporary waiting area for my train home. I remember a regular drunk who used to chance his arm slurring a selection of songs in the tunnel including his own version of an old Vietnam war era protest song which he altered to a more London specific slant:

‘And its one, two three, what are we fighting for -Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn-Next stop is Camden Town’

Rhyming ‘damn’ and ‘town’ only works with a particular London accent and being very very drunk somehow adds to the authenticity. Ah, happy memories.

Photo by Salimfadhley under a GNU free documentation license

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3 thoughts on “Thameslink Moves On

  1. St Pancreas indeed. I suppose it is suitably near to Liver-pool Street and King’s Crotch! I went out with a Medic once who told me he’d meet me at six at the little cafe at Eustachian Tube. I’ve always called Euston Station tube that ever since but no-one knows what I am talking about. Nothing new there I suppose!

  2. As far as I understand it the station is not closed for ever but will reopen in 2009. Unless you have information otherwise. Certainly the posters there state closed for redevelopment. It was about time that lifts and elevators were set it. Many including myself struggled coming from Gatwick or Luton airport with heavy loaded luggage suitcases to go up those steep stairs. For people who were elderly or unable for what so ever reason Thameslink provided a painful sometimes insurmountable challenge.

    I do hope however that I am correct that it will reopen, because the local rush-hour traffic provided ample customers for local businesses. It is no mistake that one, a local juice bar closed down last week, 3 months or so after the closure.

  3. Hi Daniel-Thanks for your comment. You probably know more than me. I heard that the ticket area might be utilised but that the station itself will remain closed but we can only see what happens between now and 2009.

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