AOL Desktop Beta Tryout

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AOL have been committed to making their Internet portal software available to all no matter what Internet service they use for a while now . I like to keep up to date with such things as I tend to come across many people who started on the Internet with AOL and put up with the slightly non standard way their service works for fear of losing access to AOL chat and message boards. Previous beta versions of the AOL desktop software, available for Windows and Mac have failed to deliver on access to all of the AOL specific services but the latest beta 4 seems to have corrected this albeit only working if you sign into chat before actually signing in to the AOL software.

My experience of the Mac version I tried is quite good within the confines of such software and best compared to using something like Flock, the mozilla based social browser and will be of interest to people who like the simple all in one portal approach to accessing the Internet.

Sticking With What They Know
AOL started the walled garden/Internet portal model and in todays competitive social media web based market they’ll no doubt have to innovate some more to attract users beyond ex AOL Internet users who want to keep a familiar user interface.

Used By Real People?
Techies will scoff but this is probably the sort of software that many ordinary computer uses may turn to or be offered and is worth keeping in mind for those looking to move migrate from using AOL as an ISP.

The AOL Desktop beta can be downloaded here: Mac Windows

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