Healthy Living And Belt Tightening 2008

Research by a retail trends company has shown that healthy living and financial belt tightening will top any British 2008 new year resolutions. The devil is in the detail but it would seem that Brits are more concerned with their own financial status and health than reducing their carbon footprint.

Going Green? 
One in three (33%) will try to increase their recycling levels in 2008, 28% plan to reduce their energy use whilst one in ten (10%) have said they will try to reduce how often they use their car.

Almost three in five (58%) plan to exercise more in the new year together with 56% planning to adopt a regime of eating healthier food.

Money wise 47% identify the desire to live a more frugal existence and 44% wish to save more money.

Of course new year resolutions are rarely stuck to but the research highlights the will if not the means.

Research source Mintel

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Living And Belt Tightening 2008

  1. The amazing thing is that they all tie in quite nicely together, don’t they?

    If they cut back on their car usage they will not only reduce emissions but get fitter through increased walking/cycling/running for the bus and save money in the process.

    Except of course they won’t, will they? They’ll spend a fortune on a new gym membership and leisurewear, drive to the gym in their BMWs, come back and eat a pizza. Hohum!

  2. And don’t forget the old tradition of Tea Parties. Why not get out that old tea pot you inherited from Grandma and dust it off and start a new/old tradition. TEA! Invite your friends and have each bring a favorite dessert/finger sandwich and gather round the old teapot! Keeps you warm in the Winter too!
    While your at it dig out your old Jane Austen movies!!! Excellent frugal fun!!!!!

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