NHS Food A Disgrace?

Twenty percent of UK NHS staff would be unhappy to eat the food served up to many of the thirteen million patients admitted into NHS hospitals every year.

Research shows that hospital food had been improving up to the great financial deficits of a year or so ago but cutbacks put in place to help reign in budget overspends would seem to have set back the quality and variety of food served up in hospitals.

5 Fruit and Veg hard to Find?
My own recent hospital stay would seem to justify these concerns. Certainly the five fruit and vegetable a day would be hard to achieve from my recent experience of stodge and high sugar deserts and drinks.

1 in 5 Staff Would Say No Thanks
The survey by consumer organisation Which? interviewed 250 doctors, nurses and other NHS staff and found that one in five would turn their nose up at the food served up to patients.

Some of the 3,000 cross section of patients interviewed described the food they had been served as ‘repulsive’ or ‘a disgrace’.
One in four of the patients interviewed said they went to the hospital’s own restaurant in search of a better standard of food or asked family members to bring food in for them.

I sampled the hospital restaurant for visitors and staff and was amazed to find a ‘greasy spoon’ style all day breakfast on offer that included black pudding, fried bread, chips, beans and fried egg. All amazingly unhealthy for a hospital.

An Aid To Recovery? 
The Which? survey found that 41% of patients were disappointed with hospital food and that only 32% believed that what they were given were what was needed to aid their recovery.

A Department of Health spokesperson said they recognised that more needed to be done.
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Very true. I know when my son had to stay in for a couple of nights earlier in the year, I was appalled by the lack of any fresh fruit or veg. He was actually quite pleased with what he was offered!!

    The most amazing thing about the statistics though – is that ONLY 1 in 5 medical staff would turn up their noses at hospital food! I’m sure that if you did a similar survey of school teachers the % who would refuse to eat school dinners would be much higher, or even if you asked airline staff and airline food.

  2. emalyse says:

    Hi RB-It does seem a low statistic re staff though as I say with my recent hospital stay I saw staff happy to tuck into fried bread, chips etc in the staff and visitors restaurant. Patient wise the fruit and veg quota was quite low.Morning breakfast choice was cornflakes or rice crispies with *shock horror* weetabix only available on Sunday (only one day with a fibre option). I was offered fruit and yoghurt for dessert on one occasion only to find I’d misunderstood and it was a fruit flavoured yoghurt…in a pot…lots of sugar and very little actual fruit.
    Don’t get me started on airline food.

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