Beeb Tries Widgets

I’m notoriously dilettantish over browsing the web 2.0 social candy store. I like to try new things. I learn by trying and if I didn’t try I wouldn’t discover different ways of doing thingsBBc beta (pardon?).

I’ve tried Google reader, iGoogle, Pageflakes , Netvibes and Flock to consolidate my online reading (ooh get me) and now the BBC no less is experimenting with a web page that combines some of those drag and drop style widgets together with the ability to personalise and customise content and style.

Personalisation via customisation does seem to be the way most digital media is going. The filtering is a good idea but sometimes I do wonder if some of it ends up being slightly the triumph of style over content.

New BBC website beta

Quick screencast here.
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2 thoughts on “Beeb Tries Widgets

  1. haha I bet you were one of those students who spent all her time designing and perfecting her revision timetable and no time actually doing any revision!!! :0) (oooh look I managed one!!)

    I am such an oldfashioned stick in the mud. I never try anything new. I stick with my old tried and trusted methods! My sons produce web pages with all sorts of wonderful features just through experimentation, I rarely even put a photo or youtube on my blog. The way I read blogs is just to visit them!!! I have not tried googlereader or pageflakes (not just available on Sundays I hope!!) and someone once mentioned something else – Twitter, that was it – and I’ve never tried that either. Perhaps it’s time I embraced a little more than emoticons eh?

  2. Hi RB-Revision timetable? Interesting concept. Maybe it’s the eternal child in me that just goes ‘ooh what’s that?’ and has to try something out even if it just turns out to be yet another way that doesn’t work or even that proves that my current clutch of online tools are still the best way to do things (for me anyway as it’s all subjective). Put another way I’ve got to try things to know what I don’t like(said the famous faddy eater).Online I try most new things but I won’t do MySpace (the badly designed teen-based web drug I am not tempted to taste).

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