Weblog 10 Today

Robot WisdomThe word Weblog is apparently 10 years old today.Originally coined to describe a web site that logged other web sites it would eventually morph into the word blog and was used by one Jorn Barger to describe what he was doing with his Robot Wisdom web page.

Today the on-line journal has evolved and is complimented by other online services that incorporate or compliment blogging and these days can still be as simple (or even annoying) as a site that links or crawls other blogs and website content through to containing a diverse range of original magazine-esque (in a student magazine niche way) content with photos, audio, video and interactivity.

Happy Anniversary Weblog.


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One thought on “Weblog 10 Today

  1. Yes, Happy Anniversary Weblog! I wouldn’t be here otherwise would I?

    It struck me in the summer, that 1997 was one of those years when a lot happened but it never actually seemed that way at the time. Do you know what I mean? There have been a lot of 10 year anniversairies – the weblog (which I didn’t realise until today), but Tony Blair and Princess Diana too. Everyone seems to have been talking about 1997 and yet I can’t remember a thing about it!
    Stuff(Em Replied): I know what you mean RB.For me it’s Diana, Nu Labour and on a personal note meeting my partner (though that one didn’t make the news).Where are those time machines when you need them?

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