Back To The Mental Jukeboxing

I’m slowly getting back to being able to remember my nightly dreams. Only a brief snatch of a dream last night but nothing profoundly surreal. The old mental jukebox has kicked in today and is reliving its youth by playing a limited medley of Scritti Politti songs in my head (mostly The sweetest girl, Wood Beez , The word girl and the more recent Boom boom bap).Cupid and Psyche

It’s odd to dig up that old sugary pop up but I loved Scritti at the time(oh my youth) and was disappointed that I couldn’t get to see Green play live finally last year (the various youtube clips finally lay to rest the rumours that he relied too heavily on varispeeding his own vocals hence the lack of a true live outing back then…unless of course he’s pitch shifting them now).

Back in the day (fetch the zimmer frame) I used to frequent a local recording studio that sold musical instruments (they were quite a big concern at the time) who had apparently gone to see Scritti (or so they said anyway) in the hope of selling them a few new toys and the contingent returned to recount that Green was then recording via a publison sampler thingy (an expensive rack mount chunk of sampling memory with early time stretching capabilities) and was recording his vocals into this thing and picking out the most perfected ones before committing to tape.

Whilst I type this I have a stuck loop of the deep reggae bass from The word girl thumping around my grey matter.Can loud music in your mind cause virtual hearing damage?
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