The Smell Of Kerosene

I’m not sure that I’m quite locked onto planet reality at the moment. I sat here this morning looking out the window from our computer and pondering the wet and grey tinged half light of the day when I noticed a cake tin on top of our bins.I had left a cake tin outside. Why did I take a cake tin outside?Jet fuel Mug

I seem to remember taking out some recycling items yesterday. Did I have a cake tin in my hand at the time? I stepped out into the morning air to retrieve the item and was greeted with the pungent aroma of aircraft kerosene. I stood and breathed in the chemical laden air which bizarrely transports me back to a very young time.

I grew up near to an airport and under a flight path and the smell of aircraft kerosene puts me back in a scene when I could only just walk. I’m toddling around my parents garden and can see all the detail around me which is all triggered by the smell of kerosene. The whole memory is totally immersive with 360 degree vision, stereo sound and the obligatory kerosene fragrance as the trigger.

The mind works in mysterious ways.
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