25 Year Old Snowman

The snowmanThe classic Raymond Briggs Story turned perennial Xmas animation turns 25 years old and the BBC have a delightful short video * talking to author and illustrator Raymond Briggs musing on initial American attempts to make a live action movie which they resisted and the music composer recounting an LA based heavy metal band calling him at 3am one morning to ask if they could cover the famous ‘walking in the air’ song which everybody attributes to Aled Jones but who we all know now was not the original singer in the animation but was ‘merely’ an opportunistic outsider who capitalised on the popularity of the channel four short.

It’s hard to escape it’s re-showing every year and I always forget that David Bowie circa early 80’s introduces it in some versions though many prefer the original Raymond Briggs intro .

The snowman can be viewed online in three parts: Part 1Part2 Part 3

*BBC news site videos require an ability to play real or windows media video depending on how you set the default media stream in the media selector preference option.
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