Not Beer Premium Drinking

“And in Germany we do have a lot of beer drinkers that drink Bionade when they can’t drink beer, because it has Bionadethat similar malty, tangy taste they recognise. But it is a health drink.”

Peter Kowalsky, managing director of Bionade the beer-like non alcohol drink with the familiar taste… beer that is about to be launched in the UK.

“The unique non-alcoholic refreshment drink for wellness and fitness.
Produced through a completely organic process from natural ingredients of organic quality.”

Bionade official blurb that finds new definitions of organic.

Do you get the feeling it might actually cost more than beer?Are health drinks the new bottled water?

I remember reading some while ago that Guinness was finally found to have healthy ‘flavanoid’ properties decades after the company dropped the ‘good for you’ slogan though I doubt I could stomach a Guinness these days, healthy properties or not .

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One thought on “Not Beer Premium Drinking

  1. I no longer drink alcohol but when I did, I tried quite a few low- and non-alcohol beers. Most were pretty dire and I couldn’t imagine why people drank them. The same was true of non-alcoholic wine. It’s possible that these products are now better – I have no plans to check and see!

    There are so many things to drink that I cannot see why people “when they can’t drink beer” would bother with fake beer. I rediscovered the pleasure of fruit juices, for one thing.

    One of the problems may be that pubs, in the UK at least, usually have only a poor selection of non-alcoholic drinks but things are gradually improving.

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