Moody Cow And Friendly Fire

HissyfittingSince I got out of hospital four weeks ago I’ve probably overdone it a bit. Maybe running a bit before I could walk. I started yesterday attacking the day in a gun ho style but ended it suffering the inconvenience of moderately painful disability. I’d managed to flee our micro abode yesterday and conveniently forgot the gas man was due to look at our gas boiler so started today with a major hissyfit (my partner bought me a night shirt a while ago that says ‘moody cow’ and I can’t really claim that the printed word is a lie) clearing stuff to allow his delayed visit.

I wore said moody cow top in hospital and I thought that many presumed that this was the overall condition for which I was being treated but lying in a hospital bed with little to do is not necessarily the raw ingredient for stoking a temper tantrum.Not when you’re being pumped with morphine anyway.

Hissyfitting (surely that’s a word) is a reaction to not quite being ready to juggle various demands and is really just me being annoyed at me , indulging my own prissy perfectionist tendencies but sometimes innocent parties have to dive for cover to avoid any unintentional friendly fire.

Time for another cuppa to unwind and repeat my apologies to those that were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Picture created from original photo by under this creative commons license.
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One thought on “Moody Cow And Friendly Fire

  1. haha you are funny!

    Boy do I need one of those nightshirts! Except that I would have to wear it all day.

    It’s hard work being not quite ill though isn’t it? I remember it well. I’d spent two hours forgetting that I really shouldn’t try to rush about and do everything and then the next six hours making everyone else pay for the fact that I had overdone it by being so wrecked and crabby.

    I hope you are gradually getting better though. Oh and I hope the Gas Man is still alive??? I have never yet had occasion to ring the Crimewatch number but there could always be a first time (I have always rather fancied the thrill of it!) if they ask for information on the curious incident of the Gas Man strangled with an unusual Moody Cow nightshirt.

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